• AD object recovery

  • 虛擬機暫時跑在指定的Esxi Server

    將備份的虛擬機跑在指定的Esxi Server上,虛擬機上運作的期間在此所作的資料變動將不會被儲存,若資料需要保留則另外將此虛擬機做備份。 1. 點選 [Recover  → Flash VM Boot] 2. 勾選要還原的虛擬機和點選要還原的時間點 3. 選擇在哪一台 Esxi Server上還原和還原虛擬機的哪些磁碟 1....
  • 還原虛擬機內的某一個檔案

    1. 點選 Recover →[Indvidual Files] 2. 勾選要還原的虛擬機和點選要還原的時間點 3. 選擇要還原的檔案 è點擊 ”Download Selected” 下載到本機 (為zip壓縮檔)   1.選擇檔案位置   2.勾選要下載哪些檔案   3.下載到本機,再由本機上傳做還原的動作
  • 還原整台虛擬機

    1. 點選 Recover → [VMs form backup] 2. 選擇要還原的虛擬機和點選要還原的時間點 3. 選擇在哪一台 Esxi Server 上還原和還原虛擬機的哪些磁碟    點擊Advanced setup進階設定    1.Target:選擇在哪一台 Esxi Server做還原  2....
  • NAKIVO 還原 (Recover)

    還原整台虛擬機 還原虛擬機內的某一個檔案 虛擬機暫時跑在指定的Esxi Server AD object recovery   使用 Backup Job備份的才需要還原。 VMs from backup:還原整台虛擬機 Indvidual Files:還原虛擬機的某個檔案 (檔案會下載到本機再由本機上傳還原或是抓資料出來)...
  • Backup Copy Job Wizard: STEP 4

    Job Name Specify a name for the backup job in the Job Name field: Network Acceleration If this option is selected, NAKIVO Backup & Replication will use compression and traffic...
  • Backup Copy Job Wizard: STEP 3

    Disabling Scheduled Job Execution If you want to start the job manually (without any schedule), select the Do not schedule, run on demand check box: Daily Backup To run a job...
  • Backup Copy Job Wizard: STEP 2

    Selecting a Target Backup Repository Backup Copy jobs can copy backups from one Backup Repository to another. Select a target Backup Repository as described below: To copy all backups you...
  • Backup Copy Job Wizard: STEP 1

    Finding Backups  To find items that you want to copy, you can do the following: Use the view switch in the left pane to switch between the "Jobs and Groups" and "Backup Repositories" views...
  • Creating Backup Copy Jobs

    Backup Copy Job Wizard: STEP 1 Backup Copy Job Wizard: STEP 2 Backup Copy Job Wizard: STEP 3 Backup Copy Job Wizard: STEP 4   To create a backup copy job, click Create...
  • Schedule Backup Copy to Suit Your Needs

    VM Backup Copy jobs have their own schedule, so you can set them up to run when it suits your needs. For example, you can set up a Backup Copy job to run every night on working days or set it up to...
  • Copy Recovery Points that You Need

    Each backup can contain up to 1,000 recovery points, which are saved based on recovery point retention policy, i.e. how many recovery points you want to have and for how long you want to keep them....