v4.1 Release Notes


New Features in v4.1

  • Developer Kit:
    NAKIVO introduces an HTTP API that enables you to automate and orchestrate VM backup, replication, and recovery jobs within NAKIVO Backup & Replication. The kit includes API documentation and code examples and has been designed so that even non-developers can easily use it.

  • Call Home:
    NAKIVO Backup & Replication can now automatically create, encrypt, and upload support bundles to a NAKIVO support server. This will help NAKIVO support to quickly identify a root cause of an issue and provide a solution. Also, the new Call Home feature can help NAKIVO Support to discover, investigate and suggest possible resolutions to a problem, even before you become aware of the issue.

  • Datastore Clusters Support:
    NAKIVO Backup & Replication v4.1 now supports datastore clusters that can be selected as a target for VM replication or as a target for recovery from VM backup.

Improvements in v4.1

  • Added support for folders in the Datastore view

  • Auto check for updates functionality was added

  • Minor updates for job editing

Fixed Issues in v4.1

  • Error message was added for locked VMDKs

  • Pagination was fixed for object recovery (better handling of large mailboxes)

  • Automatic cleanup of leftover snapshots and file locks was improved




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